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Workshop: Enumerative geometry of surfaces
MFO Oberwolfach, June 14th-18th 2021



Workshop: Non-commutative geometry meets topological recursion
BIRS/IAS Hangzhou, Original date: September 27th-October 2nd 2020.
Due to Covid-19, potsponed to Fall 2022.



Special colloquium IHES/MPIM, online



Online MPIM seminar Algebra, Geometry and Physics



Online reading group on
"Stability conditions, DT invariants and their geometry"



Reading group on "Lattice points in polyhedra"
MPIM Bonn, October 2019.



Conference: Geometry, Integrability and Moduli
MPIM Bonn, July 29th-August 2nd 2019



Workshop: New directions in the mathematics of
Coulomb gases and quantum Hall effect.
Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, July 1st-5th 2019



Workshop : Geometric and categorical aspects of CFTs
BIRS Oaxaca, September 24-28th 2018



Summer school : Log-correlated days
Hausdorff Center Bonn, June 11th-14th 2018



Workshop : Young researchers in string mathematics
MPIM Bonn, November 27th-30th 2017



Thematic trimester : Combinatorics and interactions
IHP, Paris, January-March 2017



Conference : Asymptotic analysis and probability in strongly coupled systems
HCM Bonn, 11-16th January 2016



Workshop : Topological recursion and TQFTs
MFO Oberwolfach, 14-20th February 2016



Workshop : Geometric quantization and topological recursion
MPIM Bonn, 24-28th November 2014



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