Jessica Duin,  Het vermoeden van Catalan (3e jaars project).


Pieter Moree and Huib Hommerson,   Value distribution of Ramanujan sums and of cyclotomic polynomial coefficients ,
M.Sc. thesis of Huib with all research contributions due to Moree, defense 1 oktober 2003.

The research part was published much later, with computer calculations by Yves Gallot as:
Y. Gallot, P. Moree and H. Hommersom, Value distribution of coefficients of cyclotomic polynomials, Unif. Distrib. Theory 6 (2011), 177--206.


Samen met M. Coster, H. te Riele and T. Koornwinder begeleidde ik het afstudeerproject over
DLP (het discrete logarithme probleem) van Niels Lubbes (M.Sc. project)
Niels Lubbes subsequently became a PhD student at RISC, the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation in Linz, Austria.
Currently he is a Research scientist at RICAM.


Tweedejaars projecten:

Roland van der Veen and Emil Nijhuis:

See the related publication:
P. Moree and P. Sole, Around Pelikan's conjecture on very odd sequences , Manuscripta Math. 117 (2005), 219--238,

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Christiaan Erdbrink: Judith Groot en Aart van Es: Szczepan Kowalczyk en Gerben Schooneveldt:

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