Saskia Roos


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Saskia Roos

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Room 215
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Vivatsgasse 7
53111 Bonn, Germany
Email: saroos(at)

Research interests

I am working in Differential Geometry and Global Analysis.
Currently I am studying the relationship between Dirac eigenvalues and the geometry of spin and spinc manifolds on collapsing sequences.
Furthermore, I am interested in the structure of the space of compact Riemannian manifolds with bounded curvature and diameter.
Another research topic is behavior of the Yamabe constant on sequences on multiconformal classes of product manifolds. This is joint work with Nobuhiko Otoba.
In addition, I am working with with Matthias Ludewig on Determinant line bundles on manifolds with corners.

For further information you can take a look on my CV.