Summer Semester 2017

Teaching Assistant for Global Analysis II (V3B4 - F4B1)

This course is a continuation of Global Analysis 1 .
The content of Global Analysis II will cover
  • Differential Operators
  • Sobolev Spaces
  • Distributions
  • Oscillatory Integrals
  • Pseudodifferential Operators (local and global)
  • Elliptic Regularity
Persons: Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Matthias Lesch , Assistent: Saskia Roos

  • Tuesday: 8-10 SemR 0.008
  • Thursday: 8 - 10 SemR 0.008
Exercise class: Thursday 12 - 14, N. 0.008
The exercise sheets wil be handed out during each Tuesday lecture. You have to hand in your solutions in the following Tuesday lecture.
You can hand in your solution by groups of two.

Admittance to examination: Successful participation in the exercise class (50% of homework assignments, oral presentation of homework)

Examination: The oral examination takes place on Monday 31. July in 1.033.

Prerequisities: Real Analysis and Linear Algebra. Basic knowledge of functional analysis and the content of Global Analysis 1 is helpful.

Exercise Sheets:
Sheet 1 Due to April, 25
Sheet 2 Due to May, 2
Sheet 3 Due to May, 9
Sheet 4 Due to May, 16
Sheet 5 Due to May, 23
Sheet 6 Due to May, 30
Sheet 7 Due to June, 13
Sheet 8 Due to June, 20
Sheet 9 Due to June, 27
Sheet 10 Due to July, 4
Sheet 11 Due to July, 11

News: In the exercise class on 20. July we will repeat and discuss topics of the lecture that are relevant for the examination.
Please write me your questions regarding the examinations before that day.

Winter Semester 2016/2017: Problem session for Global Analysis I (V3B3/F4B1)

Summer Semester 2016: Problem Session for Advanced Global Analysis II (V4B4)

Winter Semester 2015/2016: Graduate Seminar in Differential Geometry (S2D1-S4D1)
This seminar is an introduction to geometric quantization. For more information see the official website.

Summer Semester 2015: Assistant for Geometry II (V3D4-F4D1)
Collection of Exercise Sheets and the Syllabus of the lecture.

Former teaching experience

During the Winter Semester 2012/13 and Summer Semester 2013 I was a
tutor for the courses Linear Algebra 1 and 2 and for Mathematics for Physicians.
Afterwards, I was for, a period of two years, a teaching assistent at the university of Bonn,
where I was a tutor for the courses Analysis 1 and 2, Geometry 1, Statistics and
Introduction to Stochastic Analysis.