Picture Nico


Email: N.Sibilla@kent.ac.uk

I am a lecturer at the University of Kent.

. In April and July 2017 I will be visiting the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, in Bonn.

I am interested in various areas of algebraic geometry, including derived algebraic geometry, logarithmic geometry, and categorification. My work is often motivated by applications inspired by Mirror Symmetry, which is a branch of mathematical physics investigating some of the geometric structures arising from string theory.

Research Interests

  • Derived Algebraic Geometry
  • Categorification
  • Homological Mirror Symmetry
  • Logarithmic Geometry
  • Symplectic Geometry
  • Quiver Varieties

Publications and preprints

    The titles of the papers link to the ArXiv preprints. Warning: the ArXiv version often differs from the final publisehd version.

  1. On a logarithmic version of the derived McKay correspondence
    This is joint with Sarah Scherotzke, and Mattia Talpo.
  2. Topological Fukaya category and mirror symmetry for punctured surfaces
    This is joint with James Pascaleff
  3. Higher traces, noncommutative motives, and the categorified Chern character
    Advances in Mathematics (2017). This is joint with Marc Hoyois, and Sarah Scherotzke.
  4. Kato-Nakayama spaces, infinite root stacks, and the profinite homotopy type of log schemes
    Geometry & Topology (2016). This is joint with David Carchedi, Sarah Scherotzke, and Mattia Talpo.
  5. Quiver varieties and Hall algebras
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society (2016). This is joint with Sarah Scherotzke.
  6. Derived loop stacks and categorification of orbifold products
    This is joint with Sarah Scherotzke.
  7. The non-equivariant coherent constructible correspondence and a conjecture of King
    Selecta Mathematica (NS) (2016). This is joint with Sarah Scherotzke.
  8. Skeleta of affine hypersurfaces
    Geometry & Topology (2014). This is joint with Helge Ruddat, David Treumann and Eric Zaslow.
  9. Ribbon graphs and Mirror Symmetry
    Selecta Mathematica (NS) (2014). This is joint with David Treuman and Eric Zaslow.
  10. A note on mapping class group actions on derived categories
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (2014).
  11. HMS for punctured tori and categorical mapping class group actions
    String Math 2011, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, AMS.
  12. Mirror Symmetry in dimension one and Fourier-Mukai equivalences
    Mirror Symmetry & Tropical Geometry, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics.