Dr. Pieter Moree
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Mathematik
Vivatsgasse 7
D-53111 Bonn
tel. +49 228 402 232
fax +49 228 402 277
E-mail: moree APESTAART

I am Researcher/Scientific Coordinator at the Max-Planck Institut in Bonn.

My greatest interest is in number theoretical problems requiring both algebraic and analytic number theory for their resolution.
An example is provided by density problems in connection with prime divisors of sequences and the Artin primitive root conjecure.

My site only deals with my professional activities since July 1, 2000. From July 2000-March 2004 I worked in the group of  Prof. Eric Opdam at the University of Amsterdam. Since April 2004 I am at MPIM.

[This site is under construction and is supposed to eventually present an updated version of my Amsterdam homepage]