Welcome to my homepage!

Portrait from 2022
Picture: Foto Sachsse

My name is Annika Tarnowsky and I am currently a member of the Bonn International Graduate School (since 2021), writing my PhD thesis with my advisor Christian Blohmann. I am a guest at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn and participate in the IMPRS programme.

I am mostly studying higher structures in differential geometry and their applications in mathematical physics. The current interest of my research is finding infinitesimal models for differentiable stack cohomology which generalise the Weil model for equivariant cohomology.

Outside of mathematics I like learning about computer science, I take music lessons (I play the flute) and I volunteer as a private tutor for school students at my local neighbourhood association.

Feel free to learn more about me on this site!

All the best, Annika Tarnowsky