If you are interested in notes of my talks, please let me know!

  • Models of Differentiable Stack Cohomology as a generalisation of Equivariant Cohomology
    01.12.2023 at the “Oberseminar Deformationsquantisierung und Geometrie” (Univ. Würzburg)
  • Multiplicative Ehresmann connections and the cohomology of regular groupoids
    10.06.2023 at the “Higher Geometric Structures in the BGW-groupoid” meeting (Young Researchers Network Univ. Bonn)
  • Z-graded differential geometry
    24.04.2023 at the “IMPRS seminar on various topics” (MPIM Bonn)
  • Introduction to Sheaf Theory
    23.03.2023 at the “Reading seminar on six functors for equivariant cohomology” of Maarten Mol (MPIM Bonn)
  • Models for Equivariant Cohomology and their Generalisations
    25.01.2023 at the “Higher Structures Oberseminar” of Chenchang Zhu (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
  • Models for differentiable stack cohomology
    07.12.2022 at the “Atelier on higher structures in differential geometry” (Institut Camille Jordan, Université Claude-Bernard Lyon 1)
  • Formal Group Laws, An Introduction
    29.11.2022 at the “IMPRS seminar on various topics” (MPIM Bonn)
  • The van Est isomorphism, part I
    20.06.2022 at the “IMPRS seminar on various topics” (MPIM Bonn), part II was held by my colleague Lory Kadiyan
  • Integrability of Lie Algebroids
    25.10.2021 at the “IMPRS seminar on various topics” (MPIM Bonn)
  • A Derived Approach to Observables in Field Theory
    14.07.2021 at Pete Teichner’s Math-QFT seminar (Berkley/MPIM Bonn)
  • Elevator pitch: Equivariant Cohomology and Differentiable Stacks
    24.06.2021 at the “BIGS online conference” (Bonn)
  • Diffeological Spaces
    02.06.2021 at the “IMPRS seminar on various topics” (MPIM Bonn)


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