Student Seminar

In 2021, I have joined Christian Blohmann and Lory Kadiyan in the organisation of a small seminar for university students, PhD students and postdocs with a specialisation in geometry and mathematical physics, where we meet to talk about our research interests. Our activities include

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis talks
  • Spontaneous talks about our recent interests
  • Talks of invited speakers
  • A reading seminar on stacks from February to April 2022

Tutoring positions

Aside from my studies, I take on tutoring positions occasionally (depending on my schedule, especially regarding my secondary enrolment).

  • 2022, winter term: “Seminar in Advanced Geometry - Equivariant Cohomology” with Christian Blohmann (listed both as undergraduate and graduate seminar), for the seminar plan see this link
  • 2022, summer term: “Einführung in die Komplexe Analysis” (introductory lecture on complex analysis) with Prof. Matthias Lesch
  • 2019, summer term: “Foundations of Data Science” with Prof. Michael Nüsken (lecture course for Master students in Computer Science)
  • 2017/2018, winter term: “Elemente der Mathematik” (repetition course)
  • 2017, summer term: “Elemente der Mathematik” (lecture course for Mathematics Teaching/Education Bachelor) with Prof. Peter Köpke