Research interests

My research interests lie mainly in differential geometry, higher structures, deformation theory and category theory. In particular, I am interested in Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids, deformations of group and groupoid representations, and the deformation theory of Lie groupoids. Recently, I am investigating (higher) groupoid objects and their infinitesimal counterparts in categories with a tangent structure using simplicial methods.

Some buzzwords: smooth manifolds, Lie groupoids, Lie algebroids, simplicial objects, tangent categories, deformations, differential graded Lie algebras, supermanifolds, (differential) graded manifolds, ...


Here are some of my posters, which were prepared for the annual BIGS poster exhibition of the doctoral students of Mathematics in Bonn. The posters give an idea of my research interests and status.
Poster 2023.
Poster 2022.
Poster 2019.

Master's thesis

Deformations of Group and Groupoid Representations.
Advisors: Christian Blohmann, Catharina Stroppel
University of Bonn, 2017.

Other projects

Geometrical constructions using only a ruler.
Joint work with Njteh Mkhsian during an undergraduate geometry course.
American University of Beirut, 2014.